C1. Understanding the concepts of electromagnetic compatibility
C2. Understanding the principles of interaction between the elements of the power system
C3. Knowledge of voltage quality parameters, evaluation of the impact of power quality on loads and the impact on the quality
of the loads
C4. Knowing regulations and standardization of components which improve power quality
C5. Getting the practical skills in the assessment of power quality and surge protection
C6. Acquisition and consolidation of social skills including emotional intelligence skills involving the cooperation of a group of
students with a view to effective problem solving. Responsibility, honesty and fairness in the procedure observance force in
academia and society

The course contains selected problems of synthesis of Linear Circuits & Systems, as well as Analysis of Nonlinear Electrical Circuits - Theoretical and practical aspects of linear circuits design, based on different methods and requirements. Furthermore, the course contains aspects of nonlinear circuits’ analysis, structures, elements -both with practical examples and exercises.